Viggo Falster

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Hair is typically modeled and rendered using either explicitly defined hair strand geometry or a volume texture of hair densities. Taken each on their own, these two hair representations have difficulties in the case of animal fur as it consists of very dense and thin undercoat hairs in combination with coarse guard hairs. Explicit hair strand geometry is(More)
Diffuse reflectance measurements are useful for noninvasive inspection of optical properties such as reduced scattering and absorption coefficients. Spectroscopic analysis of these optical properties can be used for particle sizing. Systems based on optical fiber probes are commonly employed, but their low spatial resolution limits their validity ranges for(More)
Engineering of surface structure to obtain specific anisotropic reflectance properties has interesting applications in large scale production of plastic items. In recent work, surface structure has been engineered to obtain visible reflectance contrast when observing a surface before and after rotating it 90 degrees around its normal axis. We build an(More)
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