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We describe a hypothalamus-specific mRNA that encodes preprohypocretin, the putative precursor of a pair of peptides that share substantial amino acid identities with the gut hormone secretin. The hypocretin (Hcrt) protein products are restricted to neuronal cell bodies of the dorsal and lateral hypothalamic areas. The fibers of these neurons are widespread(More)
We applied the directional tag PCR subtractive hybridization method to construct a rat hypothalamic cDNA library from which cerebellar and hippocampal sequences had been depleted, enriching 20-30-fold for sequences expressed selectively in the hypothalamus. We studied a sample of 94 clones selected for enrichment in the subtracted library. These clones(More)
BACKGROUND The skeletal site-specific influence of multiple genes on bone morphology is recognised, but the question as to how these influences may be exerted at the molecular and cellular level has not been explored. METHODOLOGY To address this question, we have compared global gene expression profiles of human trabecular bone from two different skeletal(More)
Subtractive hybridization analysis of region-specific gene expression in brain has demonstrated a mRNA species enriched in rat hypothalamus [K.M. Gautvik, L. de Lecea, V.T. Gautvik, P.E. Danielson, P. Tranque, A. Dopazo, F.E. Bloom, J.G. Sutcliffe, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 93 (1996) 8733-8738.]. We here show that this mRNA encodes a(More)
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