Vigdis Abrahamsen Grøndahl

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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To describe patients' perceptions of quality of care and to explore combinations of person-related and external objective care conditions as potential predictors of these perceptions. BACKGROUND Several studies have examined various single factors of person-related and external objective care conditions in relation to quality of care.(More)
Vigdis Abrahamsen Grøndahl. Patients' perceptions of actual care conditions and patient satisfaction with care quality in hospital 'The first requirement of a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm.' Abstract Patients' perceptions of actual care conditions and patient satisfaction with care quality in hospital There are theoretical and(More)
BACKGROUND Patients' perceptions of care quality within and across settings are important for the further development of palliative care. The aim was to investigate patients' perceptions of palliative care quality within settings, including perceptions of care received and their subjective importance, and contrast palliative care quality across settings. (More)
BACKGROUND Municipality acute wards (MAWs) have recently been introduced in Norway. Their mandate is to provide treatment for patients who otherwise would have been hospitalized. Even though GPs are key stakeholders, little is known about how they perceive referring patients to these wards. The aim of this study was to investigate GPs' perspectives on(More)
BACKGROUND Instruments specific to palliative care tend to measure care quality from relative perspectives or have insufficient theoretical foundation. The instrument Quality from the Patient's Perspective (QPP) is based on a model for care quality derived from patients' perceptions of care, although it has not been psychometrically evaluated for use in(More)
PURPOSE The aim is to describe patients' care quality perceptions and satisfaction and to explore potential patient satisfaction predictors as person-related conditions, external objective care conditions and patients' perception of actual care received ("PR") in relation to a theoretical model. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH A cross-sectional design was(More)
The aim of this study was to explore the personnel's experiences with the implementation of an activity program for male residents in municipal care services. The design was inspired by a grounded theory approach. The data were collected by means of two focus group interviews with 11 participants in total. The findings showed that the personnel experienced(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To explore how residents in nursing homes perceive their participation in activities related to food and meals, and possible factors influencing their involvement. BACKGROUND Eating and drinking are fundamental human needs and consequently essential parts of nursing and nursing care. Therefore and as part of nursing care, encouraging(More)
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to explore potential differences in how nursing home residents rate care quality and to explore cluster characteristics. Design/methodology/approach A cross-sectional design was used, with one questionnaire including questions from quality from patients' perspective and Big Five personality traits, together with(More)
Worldwide demographic development increases the pressure on healthcare services. In Norway, municipal acute wards (MAWs) have been established as a 24-hr acute healthcare service as a primary healthcare alternative to hospitalisation. General practitioners (GPs) are key holders of referrals to different healthcare service levels, yet studies of GPs'(More)