Viet Thuy Vu

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The paper presents a derivation of Nyquist sampling requirements for the polar grids in some bistatic time-domain algorithms. The derivation is based on an airborne bistatic system with general bistatic geometry. The Nyquist sampling requirements are shown to be the functions of operating radar frequency, transmitter and receiver subaperture lengths, and(More)
Based on analysis of a point target imaged by different synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems, the commonly used impulse response function in SAR Imaging (IRF-SAR)-a two-dimensional (2-D) <i>sinc</i> function-is shown to be inappropriate for ultrawideband-ultrawidebeam (UWB) SAR systems utilizing a large fractional signal bandwidth and a wide antenna(More)
Moving-target detection in ultrawideband (UWB) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is associated with long integration time and must accommodate azimuth focusing for reliable detection. This paper presents the theory on detection of moving targets by focusing and experimental results on single-channel SAR data aimed at evaluating the detection performance. The(More)