Viet Son Nguyen

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Recently, human - machine interaction (HMI) becomes a hot research topic because of its wide applications, ranging from automatic device control to designing and development of assistant robot or even smart building at sparser scale. One of the most important questions in this research field is finding out an efficient and natural method of HMI. Among(More)
Rice plants (Oryza sativa L.) contain large quantities of silicon (Si) in form of phytoliths, which increase their resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses. The Si cycle through rice fields is hardly studied. We tested how increasing Si availability affects rice growth and the decomposability of the straw. Secondly we tested the role of straw recycling for(More)
This study examined the contribution of F1 and F2 alone on the perception of plosive consonants in a CV context. Applying a 3-Bark spectral integration the F2 frequency was corrected for effects of proximity either to F1 or to F3, i.e., was replaced by F2'. Subjects used a two-dimensional Method of Adjustment to select the F1 and F2 consonant onset(More)
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