Viet Q. Phung

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We propose a joint optimization model for capacity design of networks with p-cycles. The model is based on a modified definition of network fundamental cycles and the available straddling links. Concepts about visible and hidden straddling links, which are essential components of our model are also introduced. This is the first ILP model for joint(More)
Path-arc integer linear programming (ILP) models for shared backup path protection (SBPP) in optical mesh networks generally contain many redundant constraints for calculating shared backup capacity. This greatly increases the computational time of the ILP solvers. In this paper, we first identify the sharing relationship between working and backup(More)
The problem of wavelength routing and assignment in WDM optical networks is NP-hard. To date, problems of wavelength routing and wavelength assignment have been solved separately to obtain optimal or near-optical solutions. In this paper, we propose a heuristic approach to wavelength routing that achieves optimal or near optimal solutions with much faster(More)
We study the diverse routing problem in optical mesh networks under shared risk link groups (SRLGs) constraints. We first generalize the diverse routing formulation in [1] for finding two disjoint paths into K shortest span-disjoint paths. We then propose three integer linear programming (ILP) models for finding K shortest span-disjoint paths (KSDP),(More)
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