Viet Minh Nhat Vo

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Traffic grooming is the technique which combines low-bandwidth traffics into higher-bandwidth channels in order to satisfy certain constraints as to maximize the traffic throughput, minimize the connectionblocking probability, or optimize the wavelength bandwidth exploitation. A case considered in this paper is optimization of the multiplexing of customer(More)
Storage Area Network (SAN) promise both a single source of data and improved performance and availability. SAN are extended to a WAN infrastructure to offer easier sharing over multiple locations. This created a need for bandwidth which can be provided by the underlying optical transport network. In this paper, we propose a policybased lightpath signaling(More)
In Optical Burst Switching Network, contention is one of the challenging problems. Contention occurs when more than one burst demand for same output wavelength channel in same time. The deflection routing, fiber delay line (FDL) and wavelength conversion are the methods used to resolve contention in OBS Networks. With deflection routing, contending bursts(More)
Traffic grooming received a lot of attentions in last few years and can be considered under two views, locally for each separate grooming entity and globally in a group of grooming entities. However, optimization of traffic grooming at each separate grooming entity sometime doesn't bring about an optimal solution for global traffic grooming, if not to say a(More)
The connection admission control (CAC) in ATM networks is a flow controlling function that decides to allow or not a new connection joining in the network. This decision is usually based on the status of the current ATM network as its available resources, flow parameters and the quality of registered service (QoS) of new connections joining in the network(More)
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