Viet Hai Nguyen

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We describe a uniied framework for representing and manipulating binary topological relationships between complex regions, which are arbitrary compositions of homogeneous 2-dimensional surfaces, possibly with holes. Previously, compositions of regions and regions with holes were treated separately and in a restrictive scenario, where it is required that the(More)
We are given a set of n d-dimensional (possibly intersecting) isothetic hyperrectangles. The topic of this paper is the separation of these rectangles by means of a cutting isothetic hyperplane. Thereby we assume that a rectangle which is intersected by the cutting plane is cut into two non-overlapping hyperrectangles. We investigate the behavior of several(More)
We have developed a technique for stand-off detection of trace explosives using infrared photo-thermal imaging. Compact infrared quantum cascade lasers tuned to strong absorption bands in the explosive traces illuminate a surface of interest while an infrared camera detects the small increase in thermal signal. We have demonstrated the technique at several(More)
Using ⋆-product on Co-adjoint orbits (K-orbits) of the MD 4-groups we obtain quantum half-planes, quantum hyperbolic cylinders, quantum hyper-bolic paraboloids...via Fedosov deformation quantization. From this we have corresponding unitary representations of the MD 4 which are neither nilpotent nor exponential , we obtain the explicit formulas.
We construct start-products on the co-adjoint orbit of the Lie group Aff(C) of affine transformations of the complex straight line and apply them to obtain the irreducible unitary representations of this group. These results show effectiveness of the Fedosov quantization even for groups which are neither nilpotent nor exponential. Together with the result(More)