Viet D. Tran

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This paper presents a prototype of flood forecasting system based on Grid technologies. The system consists of workflow system for executing simulation cascade of meteorological, hydrological and hydraulic models, data management system for storing and accessing different computed and measured data, and web portals as user interfaces. The whole system is(More)
In this paper, we will present an abstraction layer for cloud computing. The abstraction layer will allow users to manipulate virtual machines as objects and simplify the process of porting applications to cloud computing. This approach could improve the flexibility of cloud computing, enable interoperability and simplify the creation of more complex(More)
In this paper, we will present an abstraction layer for cloud computing, which intends to simplify the manipulation with virtual machines in clouds for easy and controlled development and deployment of cloud services. It also ensures interoperability between different cloud infrastructures and allows developers to create cloud appliances easily via(More)
This paper presents a prototype of the Collaborative Problem Solving Environment for Flood Forecasting. Flood forecasting is a complex problem that requires cooperation of many scientists in different areas. To enable this cooperation in a manner comfortable to hydrometeorological experts, a part of the CrossGrid project is aimed towards developing a(More)