Viet D. Tran

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CSF leakages constitute a major complication of intradural procedures, especially for posterior fossa and skull base surgery. Dural suture watertightness is a decisive issue, and neurosurgeons routinely use different products to reinforce their dural closure. We have designed an experimental system capable of testing CSF leak pressure levels in order to(More)
Parallelizing large sequential programs is known as a challenging problem. This paper focuses on problems encountered during parallelization process of different flood models and on the approaches used for solving them. The approaches are focused on reducing development time, which can help programmers make a parallel version of existing sequential programs(More)
Anteroseptal ST elevation myocardial infarction (AS-STEMI), in which ST elevation is limited to leads V(1) to V(3), is considered confined to the basal and mid anterior and septal segments, sparing the apex. In contrast, extensive anterior STEMI (EA-STEMI), in which ST elevation extends to leads V(4) to V(6), is considered to involve more apical segments.(More)
This paper presents a prototype of flood forecasting system based on Grid technologies. The system consists of workflow system for executing simulation cascade of meteorological, hydrological and hydraulic models, data management system for storing and accessing different computed and measured data, and web portals as user interfaces. The whole system is(More)
Current guidelines state that patients with compatible symptoms and ST-segment elevation (STE) in ≥2 contiguous electrocardiographic leads should undergo immediate reperfusion therapy. Aggressive attempts at decreasing door-to-balloon times have led to more frequent activation of primary percutaneous coronary intervention (pPCI) protocols. However, it(More)
Collagen is a triple-helical protein that forms various macromolecular organizations in tissues and is responsible for the biomechanical and physical properties of most organs. Second-harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy is a valuable imaging technique to probe collagen fibrillar organization. In this article, we use a multiscale nonlinear optical formalism(More)