Vieri Giuliano

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In this paper heavy metal pollution at an abandoned Italian pyrite mine has been investigated by comparing total concentrations and speciation of heavy metals (Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn, Pb and As) in a red mud sample and a river sediment. Acid digestions show that all the investigated heavy metals present larger concentrations in the sediment than in the tailing. A(More)
Intrinsic Motivations (i.e motivations not connected to rewardrelated stimuli) drive humans and other biological agents to autonomously learn different skills in absence of any biological pressure or any assigned task. In this paper we investigate which is the best learning signal for driving the training of different tasks in a modular architecture(More)
Heavy metal and metalloid pollution at a disused pyrite mine was investigated. Five solid samples collected in the area (three stream sediments with different soil texture, a background soil sample and a mine tailing) were characterised by mineral and element composition, particle size distribution (by wet and dry sieving and laser diffraction) and total(More)
Anal endosonography reliably visualizes and identifies anal sphincter abnormalities. However, dedicated probes are quite expensive. We evaluated a simple and less-costly procedure for anal endosonography involving the insertion of the endoscope through a disposable anoscope filled with standard ultrasound gel in terms of patient satisfaction and the(More)
Natural languages, unlike some abstract linguistic systems studied by mathematical logicians or some instruction codes devised by designers of automatic programming systems, have no easily described simple structure. Considerable empirical study is therefore necessary to develop for these languages grammars that are sufficiently precise and comprehensive to(More)
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