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The genome of equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) defective interfering (DI) particle DNA originates from discrete regions within the standard (STD) EHV-1 genome: the left terminus (0.0 to 0.04 map units) and the inverted repeats (0.78 to 0.79 and 0.83 to 0.87 map units of the internal inverted repeat; 0.91 to 0.95 and 0.99 to 1.00 map units of the terminal(More)
AIM Fluid balance (FB) is an emerging predictor of acute kidney injury (AKI). We investigated the comparative utility of FB with conventional and novel biomarkers to predict AKI in cardiovascular surgery patients. METHODS Data collected in a prospective, observational study designed to investigate the relationship between FB and AKI in an academic medical(More)
Regional blocks are often preferred to general anesthesia as they do not affect the body systemically and have the added benefit of providing extended pain relief with decreased use of analgesics. Vasoconstrictors are often added to local anesthetic (LA) solutions to prolong the block by reducing the clearance of the LA. This may help in reducing LA(More)
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