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Spam refers to unsolicited, unwanted and inappropriate bulk email. Spam filtering has become conspicuous as they consume a lot of network bandwidth, overloads the email server and drops the productivity of global economy. Content based spam filtering is accomplished with the help of multiple pattern string matching algorithm. Traditionally Aho Corasick(More)
Bit Parallelism exploits bit level parallelism in hardware to perform operations. Bit Parallelism is a technique that is used to solve string matching problem, when the pattern to be searched for is less than or equal word size of a system. It is a technique that takes the advantage of intrinsic parallelism of the bit operations inside a system word. By(More)
Text classification is the task of assigning predefined categories to text documents. It is a common machine learning problem. Statistical text classification that makes use of machine learning methods to learn classification rules are particularly known to be successful in this regard. In this research project we are trying to re-invent the text(More)
—MML (Minimum Message Length) has emerged as a powerful tool in inductive inference of discrete, continuous and hybrid structures. The Probabilistic Finite State Automaton (PFSA) is one such discrete structure that needs to be inferred for classes of problems in the field of Computer Science including artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and data(More)
String matching is to find all the occurrences of a given pattern in a large text, the strings being sequence of characters drawn from finite alphabet set. Multiple-Pattern string matching problem involves detection of all the patterns of the Multiple-Pattern set in the text. Shift OR algorithm which we call as the Standard Shift OR algorithm uses the(More)
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