Vidya Dhamdhere

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Wireless network is used very rapidly and widely. Being mobile used in many fields. (MANET) Mobile ad hoc network is a standout amongst the most essential uses of wireless networks. In which each node works individually as a transmitter and a receiver. In this paper, we have proposed a system, which can provide high security when information is, send from(More)
This paper represents a review of privacy preserving techniques in wireless sensor network. Wireless sensor networks are not secure. To preserve privacy of wireless sensor network various techniques are discovered. A lot of work has been done to address challenges faced to preserve privacy of wireless sensor network. In this paper we represent a research on(More)
In this paper description about present security system is needed for user convenience and safety is given. The environment seen a rapid introduction of network enabled digital technology. To overcome this we introduce Arduino based security which based on microcontroller and sensor. This technology provides exciting and new opportunities to increase the(More)
MANET is a network of mobile nodes that interconnect, interact with and collaborate with each other. Security is the main challenge for MANETs. Many attempts were made to secure a cluster based routing protocol, but due to lack of fixed infrastructure and central management, the security solution is challenging research. Intrusion detection System is one of(More)
In this paper we propose the detection and the rogue access points Classification of rogue access point and related risk assessment is analyzed. Rogue detection algorithm is also proposed. Our proposed solution is effective and low cost. It is designed to utilize the existing wireless LAN infrastructure. These rogue access points (APs) expose the enterprise(More)
In wireless Sensor Network Efficient event detecting protocol (EEDP) is used for event monitoring. In the event occuring area each node broadcasts its primary detection result to make a final decision. The final decision-made by a node will choose the next hop using the underlying routing protocol to forward a single alarm packet and the shortest path is(More)
In recent societies, the number of mobile users has tremendously risen in recent years. The paper provides security and use for mobile users to access different mobile cloud computing services from multiple service providers using only a single private key. In this paper, we propose a new short signature scheme from the bilinear pairings. However, our(More)
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