Vidya Bhagat

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Personality dimension negative emotionality is known to be associated with academic achievement. The present study focuses on the influence of negative emotionality (neuroticism) on the medical students' academic achievements. The main objective of this study was to ascertain the negative emotionality scores among the first year Malaysian medical students(More)
Defining professionalism in this constantly evolving world is not easy. How do you measure degrees of benevolence and compassion? If it is so obvious to our profession, what professionalism is, then why is it so difficult to teach it to medical students and residents? Today's definition of medical professionalism is evolving - from autonomy to(More)
Emotional intelligence is a measure of our emotional strength to cope with our surroundings. Monitoring emotional intelligence and being aware of our own emotions shows people’s emotional maturity. Assessing this quality of emotions is important for medical students to examine their overall ability to deal with their immediate world since they may have to(More)
DNA fingerprinting, one of the great discoveries of the late 20th century, has revolutionized forensic investigations. Forensic DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) analysis or DNA profiling has played a major role in the criminal justice system. New techniques and technologies for DNA profiling continue to evolve every year. This review briefly recapitulates 30(More)
Emotional maturity (EM) is defined as the ability of an individual to respond to situations, control emotions, and behave in an adult manner when dealing with others. EM is associated with adult learning skill, which is an important aspect of professional development as stated in the principles of andragogy. These principles are basically a characteristic(More)
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