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Evolutionary learning and especially genetic optimization algorithms have recently received a lot of research attention as tools for identifying fuzzy models of the systems. Most often fuzzy modelling employs the fuzzy IF-THEN rules. In this paper, besides AND-operator the OR-operator is also considered in constructing the premise rule base. A genetic(More)
At department of Control Technologies of KTU in order to provide the state of the art courses and laboratories in control technologies, it has been need to renovate and to modernise the Electric Drives Laboratory. This paper describes the modernisation way of the electric drive lab and compares the training potential of the new lab with former one.
Mobile robots as universal technical system are one of most interesting aims of the scientific researches in the field of robotics. The reason of this interest is absolutely clear – there are a lot of areas they can be used: industry, medicine, education, cosmic researches and other. There is increasing the interest in multi robot systems at the moment,(More)
New tool for simulation of control systems (linear, non-linear and stochastic) is proposed. This software is written to simulate hybrid systems containing continuous and discrete (algorithmic) parts. Continuous processes are simulated using traditional structural schemes representing differential equations. Discrete links are simulated by a Petri net, which(More)
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