Vidmantas Gulbinas

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Singlet-singlet annihilation experiments have been performed on trimeric and aggregated light-harvesting complex II (LHCII) using picosecond spectroscopy to study spatial equilibration times in LHCII preparations, complementing the large amount of data on spectral equilibration available in literature. The annihilation kinetics for trimers can well be(More)
The excitation energy transfer between chlorophyll b (Chl b) and chlorophyll a (Chl a) in the isolated trimeric chlorophyll-a/b-binding protein complex of spinach photosystem 2 (LHC II) has been studied by femtosecond spectroscopy. In the main absorption band of Chl b the ground state recovery consists of two components of 0.5 ps and 2.0 ps, respectively.(More)
Evidence of nonequilibrium local heating in transient spectra of LHCII, the main light-harvesting complex of plants, was studied by using various excitation intensities over a wide temperature range, from 10 K to room temperature. No obvious manifestation of local heating was found at room temperature, whereas at 10 K, the local heating effect is(More)
Conjugated polymers are becoming interesting materials for a range of optoelectronic applications. However, their often complex electronic and structural properties prevent establishment of straightforward property-function relationships. In this paper, we summarize recent results on the photophysics and excited state dynamics of conjugated polymers, in(More)
Solar cells based on conjugated polymer and fullerene blends have been developed as a low-cost alternative to silicon. For efficient solar cells, electron-hole pairs must separate into free mobile charges that can be extracted in high yield. We still lack good understanding of how, why and when carriers separate against the Coulomb attraction. Here we(More)
We used time-resolved electric-field-induced second-harmonic generation to probe the charge-carrier-mobility dynamics in amorphous organic materials on an ultrafast time scale. We were able to show that the mobility in poly-spiro-bifluorene-co-benzothiadiazol decreases from 0.1 cm 2/V s at 1 ps to 10-6 cm2/V s within 1 mus. We attribute this dramatic(More)
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Ultrafast optical probing of the electric field by means of Stark effect in planar heterojunction cyanine dye/fullerene organic solar cells enables one to directly monitor the dynamics of free electron formation during the dissociation of interfacial charge transfer (CT) states. Motions of electrons and holes is scrutinized separately by selectively probing(More)
Oil and water fluorescence properties were studied under their excitation by 266 and 355 nm light, corresponding to the fourth and third harmonics of a Nd:YAG laser. The oil spill detection fluorosensor designed for onshore or shipboard installation is described and its test results are presented. The fluorosensor enables detection of several μm thick films(More)
Dynamics of the real and imaginary parts of the dielectric permittivity of a photoexcited silver layer has been investigated by means of femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy in a surface plasmon resonance Kretschmann configuration. Both real and imaginary permittivity parts experience changes in the visible-near-IR regions under silver excitation at 400 nm.(More)