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We investigated the nutritional effects on carcass traits, gene expression and DNA methylation in a three generation Large White pig feeding experiment. A group of experimental (E) F0 boars were fed a standard diet supplemented with high amounts of methylating micronutrients whereas a control group (C) of F0 boars received a standard diet. These(More)
BACKGROUND Many studies have been published outlining the global effects of 17β-estradiol (E2) on gene expression in human epithelial breast cancer derived MCF-7 cells. These studies show large variation in results, reporting between ~100 and ~1500 genes regulated by E2, with poor overlap. RESULTS We performed a meta-analysis of these expression studies,(More)
Genetic transformation systems have been established for Brassica nigra (cv. IC 257) by using an Agrobacterium binary vector as well as by direct DNA uptake of a plasmid vector. Both the type of vectors carried nptII gene and gus gene. For Agrobacterium mediated transformation, hypocotyl tissue explants were used, and up to 33% of the explants produced(More)
Interleukin-26 (IL26) is a member of the IL10 cytokine family. The IL26 gene is located between two other well-known cytokines genes of this family encoding interferon-gamma (IFNG) and IL22 in an evolutionary conserved gene cluster. In contrast to humans and most other mammals, mice lack a functional Il26 gene. We analyzed the genome sequences of other(More)
HTPSELEX is a public database providing access to primary and derived data from high-throughput SELEX experiments aimed at characterizing the binding specificity of transcription factors. The resource is primarily intended to serve computational biologists interested in building models of transcription factor binding sites from large sets of binding(More)
An enzyme which liberates Pi from myo-inositol hexaphosphate (phytic acid) was shown to be present in culture filtrates of Bacillus subtilis. It was purified until it was homogeneous by ultracentrifugation, but it still showed two isozymes on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The enzyme differed from other previously known phytases in its metal(More)
Przewalski's horses (PHs, Equus ferus ssp. przewalskii) were discovered in the Asian steppes in the 1870s and represent the last remaining true wild horses. PHs became extinct in the wild in the 1960s but survived in captivity, thanks to major conservation efforts. The current population is still endangered, with just 2,109 individuals, one-quarter of which(More)
The main goal of CleanEx is to provide access to public gene expression data via unique gene names. A second objective is to represent heterogeneous expression data produced by different technologies in a way that facilitates joint analysis and cross-data set comparisons. A consistent and up-to-date gene nomenclature is achieved by associating each single(More)