Vidas Lauruska

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Telemedicine and telelearning applications should greatly improve the quality of life of all patients but especially those with a disability. However, people with severe physical disabilities are often unable to benefit from them because they cannot use the man-machine interfaces of most telecommunication equipment. We have therefore constructed a system(More)
People with impaired mobility, the blind, who have speech difficulties, or who find difficulty in hearing, can become isolated because obtaining information for them from surroundings sometimes is narrow or impossible. It’s possible to improve communication possibilities by providing person with appropriate technological help. We have created predictive(More)
Creating, manipulating, accessing, and sharing information such as pictures, maps, charts and other visualisations as well as mathematical data and tables are fundamental skills needed for life. Visualisation is commonly used within almost every scientific field. Visually impaired people have very restricted access to information presented in these visual(More)
  • MEDICINOS TECHNOLOGIJA, P. Serafinavičius, V. Lauruška
  • 2004
Home environment control and automation system can be useful not only for healthy people. Recently more attention is paid to assistive technologies which help to integrate disabled people. Specially developed systems enabling communication and living environment control for the disabled can be examples of such technologies. Disabled people often have some(More)
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