Vida Mikalunas

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BACKGROUND By using undenatured purified albumin preparations radiolabeled with iodine, the half-life of serum albumin in well patients who are stable is known to be approximately 17 days. However, when a patient is suffering with an acute illness such as sepsis, trauma, burns or after an extensive operative procedure, the serum albumin level decreases. It(More)
BACKGROUND Manganese is one of the trace elements that is routinely administered to total parenteral nutrition (TPN) patients. The recommended daily IV dosage ranges from 100 to 800 MICROg. We have used 500 microg daily. Recent reports have suggested neurologic symptoms seen in some patients receiving home parenteral nutrition (HPN) may be due to(More)
The administration of multivitamins to patients receiving home parenteral nutrition (HPN) was decreased from once daily to three times weekly during the parenteral multivitamin shortage in 1997. Blood vitamin levels were measured to examine whether the decrement in the infused vitamins affected the levels. Six patients with normal renal and liver function,(More)
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