Vida Ha

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The paper presents an empirical exploration of query stream language modeling. We describe the normalization of the typed query stream resulting in out-of-vocabulary (OoV) rates below 1% for a one million word vocabulary. We present a comprehensive set of experiments that guided the design decisions for a voice search service. In the process we(More)
Due to the limited processing capability, memory constraints, and the power budget of mobile clients, multimedia coders and/or decoders are often difficult to implement on wireless handheld PDAs. In this Universal Tuner project, we designed and implemented a wireless video streaming system that transcodes MPEG-1/2 videos or live TV broadcasting videos to(More)
  • Vida Uyen Ha, Author, Joseph Kochocki, Stephen Garland, M I T Thesis Supervisor Certified, Ci Professor +3 others
  • 2014
distribute publicly paper and electronic copies of this thesis f L and to grant others the right to do so. ABSTRACT This paper verifies the design of an Attitude Control System (ACS). The ACS system consists of inertial instruments such as gyroscopes and gimbals, as well as processing modules that are used to maintain a stable platform in inertial space(More)
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