Victorio Albani de Carvalho

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Wikidata captures structured data on a number of subject domains, managing, among others, the information underlying Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Wikidata serves as a repository of structured data, whose purpose is to support the consistent sharing and linking of data on the Web. To support these purposes, it is key that Wikidata is built on(More)
Since the late 1980s, there has been a growing interest in the use of foundational ontologies to provide a sound theoretical basis for the discipline of conceptual modeling. This has led to the development of ontology-based conceptual modeling techniques whose modeling primitives reflect the conceptual categories defined in a foundational ontology. The(More)
In several subject domains, the categorization scheme itself is part of the subject matter. In this case, experts make use of categories of categories in their accounts. This has led to a number of approaches in conceptual modeling and knowledge representation that are called multi-level model-ing approaches. An early approach for multi-level modeling is(More)
Supporting Goal-Oriented Requirement Engineering (GORE) in a systematic and comprehensive way may require the combination of distinct goal-oriented approaches. However, due to lack of common semantics, to combine these approaches can be challenging. In this work, we propose a semantic alignment between two complementary goal-oriented approaches: the(More)
Software process is inherently cooperative. During its activities, developers work together in order to develop a quality product. Especially, project managers are involved in decision make activities that can drive the project to success or failure. Those activities are better performed by experienced people, when developers work cooperatively, and when(More)
Estimation requires experience and access to good historical information. Given software estimation complexity, project managers need tools to support them in doing this task. Ideally, these tools should allow applying different approaches for estimating. This paper presents EstimaODE, a tool that offers functionalities for estimating size and effort.(More)
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