Victorine Atanase Mensah

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Malaria transmission is in decline in some parts of Africa, partly due to the scaling up of control measures. If the goal of elimination is to be achieved, additional control measures including an effective and durable vaccine will be required. Studies utilising the prime-boost approach to deliver viral vectors encoding the pre-erythrocytic antigen ME-TRAP(More)
BACKGROUND Young infants have reduced susceptibility to febrile malaria compared with older children, but the mechanism for this remains unclear. There are conflicting data on the role of passively acquired antibodies. Here, we examine antibody titres to merozoite surface antigens in the protection of children in their first two years of life in two(More)
Background While malaria transmission is falling in many areas due to increased use of bed-nets and anti-malarials, it remains an enormous burden [1]. The leading malaria vaccine candidate, RTS,S, results in often considerably less than 60% efficacy against clinical malaria [2] resulting in a need for other approaches that may enhance this partial(More)
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