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This paper addresses the question of how language use affects community reaction to comments in online discussion forums, and the relative importance of the message vs. the messenger. A new comment ranking task is proposed based on community annotated karma in Reddit discussions , which controls for topic and timing of comments. Experimental work with(More)
This paper investigates automatic detection of different types of self-repairs in spontaneous speech under different social contexts , from casual conversations to government hearings. The work shows that a simple CRF-based model is effective for cross-domain training, which is important for contexts where annotated data is not available. The approach(More)
Speech transcripts often only capture semantic content, omitting disfluencies that can be useful for analyzing social dynamics of a discussion. This work describes steps in building a model that can recover a large fraction of locations where disfluencies were present, by transforming carefully annotated text to match the standard transcription style,(More)
Approach to construction of universal model of the discrete oscillation system which own the wide spectrum of the dynamic modes is offered. Analytical estimations of amplitude and frequency of vibrations harmonic and quasi-harmonic, and which are approved for the wide class of functions, that are used for construction of model, are got. Set necessary and(More)
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