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As the widespread use and company dependency on Expert Systems increase, so does the need to assess their value and to ensure implementation success. This study identified and empirically tested eight major variables proposed in the literature as determinants of ES success, in this case measured in terms of user satisfaction. IBM's Corporate Manufacturing(More)
1. Introduction B2C electronic commerce has become a large and important segment of the new digital economy. Online retailers like Amazon.com and service providers like Netflix.com have come to dominate their market segments online. One of the tools used on the websites of these online powerhouses is the recommendation agent (RA): it provides a customized(More)
Intelligent agents have often been used as a method for simulating an active equity market environment. While agents have been used extensively in trading and market simulations, agents have not been used in a system that only evaluates trading algorithms. To accomplish the simulations, agents are developed in a single or proprietary programming language.(More)
The importance of data resources as a major component of Information Resources Management has long been recognized (Guimaraes, 1988). Many organizations are discovering that imperfect data in information systems negatively affects their business operations and can be extremely costly. Results from a survey indicate 50 percent of IS managers reported losing(More)