Victoria Tobolsky

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Mental illnesses, such as depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), are highly underdiagnosed globally. Populations sharing similar demographics and personality traits are known to be more at risk than others. In this study, we characterise the language use of users disclosing their mental illness on Twitter. Language-derived personality and(More)
OBJECTIVES The human pelvis is unique among modern taxa for supporting both parturition of large brained young and obligate bipedalism. Though much work has focused on pelvic development and variation, little work has explored the presence or absence of asymmetry in the pelvis despite well-known patterns of asymmetry in other skeletal regions. This study(More)
Many significant challenges exist for the mental health field, but one in particular is a lack of data available to guide research. Language provides a natural lens for studying mental health – much existing work and therapy have strong linguistic components, so the creation of a large, varied, language-centric dataset could provide significant grist for(More)
OBJECTIVES The ratio between the length of the second and the length of the fourth digit (2D:4D) is sexually dimorphic such that males of many species possess a lower ratio than females, particularly in the right hand. Still, men and women often exhibit overlapping 2D:4D ranges and the ratio is highly variable between populations. In order to further(More)
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