Victoria Szabo

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Secondary analysis of qualitative data is a valid mode of clinical inquiry. However, there is limited information available on its use in nursing. This article describes the use of secondary analysis for a study of family caregivers of relatives with dementia. The advantages, limitations, and application of secondary analysis are outlined; data management,(More)
PURPOSE To describe the experience of control as perceived by family caregivers who care for relatives with dementia to determine how caregivers manage care at home. The ability to manage care effectively at home is important because of the rise in the number of family caregivers. DESIGN Descriptive using secondary analysis of qualitative data. The sample(More)
Medical journals and other sources do not show evidence that cholera occurred in Haiti before 2010, despite the devastating effect of this disease in the Caribbean region in the 19th century. Cholera occurred in Cuba in 1833-1834; in Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Nevis, Trinidad, the Bahamas, St. Vincent, Granada, Anguilla,(More)
The urban body is never at rest, the changing needs and desires of inhabitants in the present - with an eye to possible futures - continually shaping, and being shaped by, the urban fabric of the past. No single narrative can capture this ongoing negotiation between place and people; it must be understood as a plurality of narratives bound into the urban(More)
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