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– The IEEE-1451.5 wireless standard promises to integrate a wide variety of sensors with a number of different wireless radio implementations using standards based protocols to communicate between the application and the sensor. In this paper, we describe a hardware and software architecture that allows sensor developers to rapidly design(More)
Mabel (the Mobile Table) is a robotic system that can perform waypoint and vision guided navigation, speech generation , speech recognition, person finding, face finding, and face following. Mabel can interact intelligently with humans in two different settings: food and information serving. The robot's architecture is flexible and easily adaptable to other(More)
In this paper, we describe how we address the ICML 2004 Physiological Data Modeling Contest. For the gender prediction task, we employ 5 off-the-shelf machine learning methods: decision tree, neural networks, naive bayes, logistic regression, and Support Vector Machines. We use neural networks for the context prediction tasks. Most of the methods perform(More)
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