Victoria Singh-Curry

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Current models of the visual pathways have difficulty incorporating the human inferior parietal lobe (IPL) into dorsal or ventral streams. Some recent proposals have attempted to integrate aspects of IPL function that were not hitherto dealt with well, such as differences between the left and right hemisphere and the role of the right IPL in responding to(More)
Where we look is determined both by our current intentions and by the tendency of visually salient items to "catch our eye." After damage to parietal cortex, the normal process of directing attention is often profoundly impaired. Here, we tracked parietal patients' eye movements during visual search to separately map impairments in goal-directed orienting(More)
Hemispatial neglect following right-hemisphere stroke is a common and disabling disorder, for which there is currently no effective pharmacological treatment. Dopamine agonists have been shown to play a role in selective attention and working memory, two core cognitive components of neglect. Here, we investigated whether the dopamine agonist rotigotine(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Recent work has revealed the impact of deficits of attention on patients with neurological disorders. Here we discuss therapeutic interventions that have been used across a range of conditions, highlighting common themes both in the nature of the attention deficits and the strategies employed to treat them. RECENT FINDINGS Cholinesterase(More)
This series of articles for rehabilitation in practice aims to cover a knowledge element of the rehabilitation medicine curriculum. Nevertheless they are intended to be of interest to a multidisciplinary audience. The competency addressed in this article is 'The trainee consistently demonstrates a knowledge of the pathophysiology of various specific(More)
BACKGROUND In Parkinson's disease the degree of motor impairment can be classified with respect to tremor dominant and akinetic rigid features. While tremor dominance and akinetic rigidity might represent two ends of a continuum rather than discrete entities, it would be important to have non-invasive markers of any biological differences between them in(More)
The authors report here the case of a patient with severe deficits in arousal and sustained attention, associated with hemispatial neglect. These impairments were secondary to acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, with bilateral involvement of the medial nuclei and pulvinar of the thalamus. Treatment with the noradrenergic agonist guanfacine, previously(More)
Section One: A. Original research papers in peer-review journals (215) B. Review articles in peer-review journals (31) Section Two: C. Book chapters in edited volumes (34) press). Integration of goal-and stimulus-related visual signals revealed by damage to human parietal cortex. Journal of press). A role for the striatum in(More)
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