Victoria Shingler

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The RNA polymerase-binding protein DksA is a cofactor required for guanosine tetraphosphate (ppGpp)-responsive control of transcription from sigma70 promoters. Here we present evidence: (i) that both DksA and ppGpp are required for in vivo sigma54 transcription even though they do not have any major direct effects on sigma54 transcription in reconstituted(More)
The Pr promoter is the first verified member of a class of bacterial σ(70)-promoters that only possess a single match to consensus within its -10 element. In its native context, the activity of this promoter determines the ability of Pseudomonas putida CF600 to degrade phenolic compounds, which provides proof-of-principle for the significance of such(More)
The activities of promoters can be temporally and conditionally regulated by mechanisms other than classical DNA-binding repressors and activators. One example is the inherently weak σ(70)-dependent Pr promoter that ultimately controls catabolism of phenolic compounds. The activity of Pr is up-regulated through the joint action of ppGpp and DksA that(More)
Divergent transcription from within bacterial intergenic regions frequently involves promoters dependent on alternative σ-factors. This is the case for the non-overlapping σ70- and σ54-dependent promoters that control production of the substrate-responsive regulator and enzymes for (methyl)phenol catabolism. Here, using an array of in vivo and in vitro(More)
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