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We achieve a precise camera calibration using circular control points by, first, separation of the lens distortion parameters from other camera parameters and computation of the distortion field in advance by using a calibration harp. Second, in order to compensate for perspective bias, which is prone to occur when using a circled pattern, we incorporate(More)
We present a work-in-progress report on a sketchand image-based software called “CHER-ish” designed to help make sense of the cultural heritage data associated with sites within 3D space. The software is based on the previous work done in the domain of 3D sketching for conceptual architectural design, i.e., the system which allows user to visualize urban(More)
Dear Editor, Valla and his team pioneered the thorough search for latent myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) in patients with splanchnic thrombosis. They noticed that “primary myeloproliferative disorder, often without peripheral blood changes, is a major cause of hepatic vein thrombosis”. Valla provided precious guidelines for anticoagulant therapy(More)
It has been shown that endo-β-1,6-glucanases from marine molluscs perform a transglycosylation reaction. When o-nitrophenyl β-D-glucopyranoside (Np glucoside) was used as acceptor, among the newly formed products Np gentiobioside, -trioside, and -tetraoside with a total yield of up to 20% on the initial Np glucoside were detected.
Multi-target tracking (MTT) is an active and challenging research topic. Many different approaches to MTT problem exist, yet there are still few satisfactory methods of solving multi-target occlusion problem, which often appears in multi-target tracking task. The application of multi cameras in most existing researches for multi-target occlusion requires(More)
Object tracking is a very active research field nowadays due to its numerous potential applications in video surveillance, e.g. human activity analysis, traffic monitoring. Recently the focus has been on multi-target tracking (MTT). While considering multiple target tracking applications, ‘multi-target occlusion’ is a common and challenging(More)
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