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We achieve a precise camera calibration using circular control points by, first, separation of the lens distortion parameters from other camera parameters and computation of the distortion field in advance by using a calibration harp. Second, in order to compensate for perspective bias, which is prone to occur when using a circled pattern, we incorporate(More)
Object tracking is a very active research field nowadays due to its numerous potential applications in video surveillance, e.g. human activity analysis, traffic monitoring. Recently the focus has been on multi-target tracking (MTT). While considering multiple target tracking applications, ‘multi-target occlusion’ is a common and challenging(More)
Dear Editor, Valla and his team pioneered the thorough search for latent myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) in patients with splanchnic thrombosis. 1 They noticed that " primary myeloproliferative disorder, often without peripheral blood changes, is a major cause of hepatic vein thrombosis ". 1 Valla provided precious guidelines for anticoagulant therapy(More)
Multi-target tracking (MTT) is an active and challenging research topic. Many different approaches to MTT problem exist, yet there are still few satisfactory methods of solving multi-target occlusion problem, which often appears in multi-target tracking task. The application of multi cameras in most existing researches for multi-target occlusion requires(More)
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