Victoria Randall

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Aortic arch artery patterning defects account for approximately 20% of congenital cardiovascular malformations and are observed frequently in velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS). In the current study, we screened for chromosome rearrangements in patients suspected of VCFS, but who lacked a 22q11 deletion or TBX1 mutation. One individual displayed hemizygous(More)
Groucho-related genes (Grgs) encode transcriptional co-repressors of Lef/Tcf and Hes proteins, which are mediators of Wnt and Notch signalling, respectively. Thus, they are important players in the developmental processes controlled by Wnt and Notch signalling, including lateral inhibition, segmentation and dorso-ventral patterning. We have cloned the avian(More)
06-P038 Great vessel development requires dizygous expression of Chd7 and Tbx1 in pharyngeal ectoderm Karen McCue, Victoria Randall, Catherine Roberts, Vanessa Kyriakopoulou, Francesca Vitelli, Katrina Prescott, Koen Devriendt, Charles Shaw-Smith, Subreena Simrick, M. Albert Basson, Elizabeth Illingworth, Peter Scambler Molecular Medicine Unit Institute of(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To characterize oncology nurses' attitudes toward care at the end of life (EOL) and their experiences in caring for terminally ill patients, hospice discussions with patients and families, and the use of palliative care practices. DESIGN Descriptive correlational survey study. SETTING A Magnet®-designated hospital in southern(More)
It was recently reported by Iglewski and Rittenberg in THESE PROCEEDINGS (71, 2707-2710, 1974) that low doses of purified diphtheria toxin inhibit protein synthesis in mouse Ehrlich-Lettre ascites carcinoma cells cultured in vitro. These observations could not be confirmed by us nor could the authors' further claim that toxin can cause regression of(More)
The rodent liver carcinogen and hepatic peroxisome proliferator methylclofenapate (MCP) has been evaluated for genetic toxicity in a range of in vitro and rodent genotoxicity assays. It gave a negative response in each of the following assays: mutagenicity to S. typhimurium and E. coli (+/- S9 mix, plate and pre-incubation assays), clastogenicity to(More)
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