Victoria R. Kelly

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Chloride concentrations are increasing at a rate that threatens the availability of fresh water in the northeastern United States. Increases in roadways and deicer use are now salinizing fresh waters, degrading habitat for aquatic organisms, and impacting large supplies of drinking water for humans throughout the region. We observed chloride concentrations(More)
Dax1, an atypical orphan nuclear receptor expressed in steroidogenic tissues, has recently been shown to be expressed in mouse embryonic stem (mES) cells and is required for pluripotency. While the mechanisms of transcriptional regulation of Dax1 in steroidogenic organs have been well characterized, those in mES cells have not. Here we report that 500 bp of(More)
In much of the world, rapidly expanding areas of impervious surfaces due to urbanization threaten water resources. Although tools for modeling and projecting land use change and water quantity and quality exist independently, to date it is rare to find an integrated, comprehensive modeling toolkit to readily assess the future course of urban sprawl, and the(More)
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