Victoria Pimentel

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L atency is a significant issue in applications such as networked control systems, where update frequencies of 10 to 500 milliseconds (ms) are required for adequate control of industrial processes. 1 Closed-loop control over the Internet is possible 2 by modeling the roundtrip delay and using UDP to consider only the most recent data, possibly discarding(More)
Tinnitus is a common and often incapacitating hearing disorder marked by the perception of phantom sounds. Susceptibility factors remain largely unknown but GABA(B) receptor signaling has long been implicated in the response to treatment and, putatively, in the etiology of the disorder. We hypothesized that variation in KCTD12, the gene encoding an(More)
Hearing impairment is a common ailment in older adults. However, the acceptance of hearing aids by hearing-impaired individuals remains poor. The main reasons given by hearing-impaired individuals for not acquiring a hearing aid are primarily psychosocial in nature. Research suggests that individuals with hearing loss believe that wearing hearing aids will(More)
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