Victoria Pease

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We have recently reported that acute intraperitoneal administration of pyridostigmine bromide to rats resulted in significant decrements in physical performance in the heat, adverse thermoregulatory effects, and exacerbated elevations in several indices of heat/exercise injury. Since it will be consumed orally as a prophylaxis for organophosphate poisoning,(More)
Exposing the human eye to individual carbon ions (6C+) moving at relativistic speeds results in visual phenomena that include point flashes, streaks, and larger diffuse flashes. The diffuse flashes have previously been observed by astronauts in space but not in laboratory experiments with particles of high atomic number and energy. They are observed only(More)
show trend of the Altyn Tagh (alternatively Astin Tagh or A erh chin) fault, perhaps the greatest active continental strip-slip fault in the world. See page 419. ejcts are to further the work of scientists, to facilitate cooperation among them, to improve the effective ss of science in the promotion of human welfare, and to increase public understanding and(More)
Astronauts on Apollo and Skylab missions have reported observing a variety of visual phenomena when their eyes were closed and adapted to darkness. These observations were studied under controlled conditions during a number of sessions on board Apollo and Skylab spacecraft and the data available to date on these so-called light flashes are in the form of(More)
The 2010 Hawaiian Islands Cetacean and Ecosystem Assessment Survey (HICEAS) surveyed the near-shore waters of islands and atolls in the northwestern Hawaiian islands (NWHI) resulting in several sightings of false killer whales and the collection of our first skin biopsy samples from the NWHI region of the Hawaiian archipelago. The recent status review of(More)
The sedimentary and provenance characteristics of seven Permo-Carboniferous and two early Cretaceous samples from the Taimyr Peninsula provide information about the latest evolution of Uralian orogeny and the opening of the Amerasian Basin. The Permo-Carboniferous samples have a mixed provenance of recycled and first cycle sediment, sourced from metamorphic(More)
The visual phenomena induced by the passage of a pulse of extremely relativistic muons through the vitreous humor have been studied at the Alternating Gradient Synchrotron at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The visual phenomena include flashes that range from small crescents of light in the peripheral field of view to large clouds of light that fill the(More)
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