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Kinetic modelling of growth and storage molecule production in microalgae under mixotrophic and autotrophic conditions.
In order to improve algal biofuel production on a commercial-scale, an understanding of algal growth and fuel molecule accumulation is essential. A mathematical model is presented that describesExpand
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Life cycle assessment on microalgal biodiesel production using a hybrid cultivation system.
A life cycle assessment (LCA) was performed on a putative biodiesel production plant in which the freshwater alga Chlorella vulgaris, was grown using an existing system similar to a publishedExpand
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The rheological characterization of algae suspensions for the production of biofuels
This paper is concerned with the rheology of algae suspensions relevant to algae biofuel processing for a range of concentrations up to 15 vol. % using mostly a piezoaxial vibrator (PAV) rheometer asExpand
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