Victoria Marrero-Aguiar

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Speaker Recognition is a major task when security applications through speech input are needed. Regarding speaker identity, several factors of variability must be considered: a) Factors concerning peculiar intra-speaker variability (manner of speaking, inter-session variability, dialectal variations, emotional condition, etc.) or forced intra-speaker(More)
Speaker recognition is an emerging task in both commercial and forensic applications. Nevertheless, while in certain applications we can estimate, adapt or hypothesize about our working conditions, most of the commercial applications and almost the whole of the forensic approaches to speaker recognition are still open problems, due to several reasons. Some(More)
This article reports on segmental duration measurements of eight selected consonants (voiceless obstruents, nasals and liquids) and three vowels in 192 disyllabic (CVCe) nonsense words with stress on the first syllable, spoken in isolation by 12 Spanish speakers. Durations as measured based on acoustic discontinuities are discussed along with speaker(More)
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