Victoria M. Pratt

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Group recommended a panel of mutations and variants that should be tested to determine carrier status within the CFTR gene as a part of population screening programs. 1,2 This was initially done in response to the recommendations of an NIH CF Consensus Conference that CF carrier screening be considered by all couples for use before conception or prenatally.(More)
Polymorphic expression of CYP2D6 contributes to the wide range of activity observed for this clinically important drug metabolizing enzyme. In this report we describe novel CYP2D7/2D6 hybrid genes encoding non-functional and functional CYP2D6 protein and a CYP2D7 variant that mimics a CYP2D7/2D6 hybrid gene. Five-kilobyte-long PCR products encompassing the(More)
MOTIVATION CYP2D6 is highly polymorphic gene which encodes the (CYP2D6) enzyme, involved in the metabolism of 20-25% of all clinically prescribed drugs and other xenobiotics in the human body. CYP2D6 genotyping is recommended prior to treatment decisions involving one or more of the numerous drugs sensitive to CYP2D6 allelic composition. In this context,(More)
BACKGROUND Positive control materials for clinical diagnostic molecular genetic testing are in critically short supply. High-quality DNA that closely resembles DNA isolated from patient specimens can be obtained from Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-transformed peripheral blood lymphocyte cell lines. Here we report the development of a process to (a) recover(More)
The College of American Pathologists molecular pathology checklist item (MOL.20550) calls for periodic review of molecular genetic statistics, including percentages of normal and abnormal findings and allele frequencies. A web-based query tool application for clinical molecular genetic test results was developed to plot dynamically and display genotype(More)
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