Victoria L. Boyd

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Multinuclear (31P, 13C, 2H, and 1H) Fourier-transform NMR spectroscopy, with and without isotopically enriched materials, was used to identify and quantify, as a function of time, the following(More)
Fundamental to understanding the role of cytosine (C) methylation in genomic DNA (gDNA) is the need for robust analysis methods to determine the location and degree of this modification. We report a(More)
Phenyl ketone phosphorodiamidates [C6H5C(O)CH2CH2OP(O)NHR1NR2R3] were synthesized in conjunction with an ongoing investigation into the effects of substituents on the dynamical solution chemistry of(More)
Bisulfite sequencing is widely used for analysis of DNA methylation status (i.e., 5-methylcytosine [5mC] vs. cytosine [C]) in CpG-rich or other loci in genomic DNA (gDNA). Such methods typically(More)