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153 154 KARDASHEV et al. Abstract—The Russian Academy of Sciences and Federal Space Agency, together with the participation of many international organizations, worked toward the launch of the RadioAstron orbiting space observatory with its onboard 10-m reflector radio telescope from the Baikonur cosmodrome on July 18, 2011. Together with some of the(More)
A global array of 20 radio observatories was used to measure the three-dimensional position and velocity of the two meteorological balloons that were injected into the equatorial region of the Venus atmosphere near Venus midnight by the VEGA spacecraft on 11 and 15 June 1985. Initial analysis of only radial velocities indicates that each balloon was blown(More)
In the paper for the first time it is shown that a single crystal barium hexaferrite with an easy axis (c-axis) lying in the sample plane can be used as a self-biased mm-wave ferrite resonator with two intensive resonances. It is experimentally established that the domain structure (DS) of this sample in a completely demagnetized state is the closest to the(More)
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