Victoria Jeffries

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Studies have found that certain racial groups, particularly the children of African American families, are placed in foster care at a higher rate than children of other races. These families are also sometimes found to be afforded fewer services that might prevent these removals, relative to families of other races. It is unclear why this is so. Poverty has(More)
OBJECTIVES More than one in ten adults--and about one in three young adults--report past year cannabis use in Canada. While cannabis use is associated with a variety of health risks, current policy prohibits all use, rather than adopting a public health approach focusing on interventions to address specific risks and harms as do policies for alcohol. The(More)
Intensified knowledge translation (KT) efforts are considered important in the field of mental health in order to accelerate the implementation of various developments in research, policy and practice. A scoping review of KT focused on the field of mental health was undertaken to help inform development of a Knowledge Exchange Centre being initiated by the(More)
The pal-rec gene of Antirrhinum majus suppresses anthocyanin except in those cell lines where pal-rec has mutated to Pal, so that anthocyanin-coloured flecks appear on whitish petals. Antirrhinum majus families of very high and very low anthocyanin content (Dark and Pale) were obtained and crossed with two pal-rec pal-rec lines, one with consistently high(More)
The pallida gene of Antirrhinum majus governs anthocyanin production. The nature of the mutability displayed by its unstable allele pal-rec was dramatically altered following crosses between two pal-rec pal-rec lines with certain separately maintained lines. In both cases a minority of progeny in F1 or F2 revealed unprecedented infrequent mutability termed(More)
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