Victoria J Howard

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MelR is a melibiose-triggered transcription activator that belongs to the AraC family of transcription factors. Using purified Escherichia coli RNA polymerase and a cloned DNA fragment carrying the entire melibiose operon intergenic region, we have demonstrated in vitro open complex formation and activation of transcription initiation at the melAB promoter.(More)
The organomercurial compounds Hg[1-C(6)H(4)-2-C(H)=NC(6)H(5-n)R(n)](2) (R = 4-NMe(2), 6a; 4-Me, 6b; 4-I, 6c; 4-NO(2), 6d; 2-(i)Pr, 6e; 2-Me, 6f; 2,6-(i)Pr(2), 6g; 2,6-Me(2), 6h) have been prepared in good overall yield from 2-bromobenzaldehyde. All of the compounds have been characterized by elemental analysis, (1)H NMR, (13)C[(1)H] NMR, and infrared(More)
MelR is an Escherichia coli transcription factor belonging to the AraC family. It activates expression of the melAB operon in response to melibiose. Full-length MelR (MelR303) binds to two pairs of sites upstream of the melAB transcription start site, denoted sites 1' and 1 and sites 2 and 2', and to a fifth site, R, which overlaps the divergent melR(More)
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