Victoria J Burton

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Land use and related pressures have reduced local terrestrial biodiversity, but it is unclear how the magnitude of change relates to the recently proposed planetary boundary ("safe limit"). We estimate that land use and related pressures have already reduced local biodiversity intactness--the average proportion of natural biodiversity remaining in local(More)
The PREDICTS project-Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems ( collated from published studies a large, reasonably representative database of comparable samples of biodiversity from multiple sites that differ in the nature or intensity of human impacts relating to land use. We have used this(More)
While the effect of ultrasound as an extreme example of low-magnitude high-frequency stimulation has been explored in the response of bone to injury, little is known about its effect on normal bone. This experiment was designed to test the hypothesis that ultrasound exerts a similar influence on bone as mechanical stimulation at a physiological level. Three(More)
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