Victoria Hsu

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The rising of services and applications, are delivered from the cloud over to the next-generation networks now. Smart Travel design to help traveler capture the moment emotion memory and process all this data around user, and turn it into not just helpful information, or even personalized knowledge. Our system is also designed to develop the tourism(More)
The MURA problems will result lots of problems in photomask and TFT-LCD industries as well. In this paper, we propose a new concept for the photomask production industries, which is based on data mining techniques. Our model is suitable for every company which has the problems in MURA effects. Because our data mining techniques is a way collecting the(More)
Data Mining is concerned with the different applications for discovery of a priori unknown relationships such as associations, groupings, and classifiers from data. The solution of MURA problems in producing to the large photomask industry is finding the association rules or the algorithms for learning classifiers from relational data. In this paper, we(More)
With the development of wireless environment, tourism marketing transfer from the traditional way to the new generation. The mobile commerce technology provides customer more directly and more timely information. Our study purpose a schema based on human portfolio combined with the global satellite positioning system (Global Positioning System; GPS)(More)
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