Victoria Hoess

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BACKGROUND The Austrian diabetes disease management program (DMP) was introduced in 2007 in order to improve health care delivery for diabetics via the promotion of treatment according to guidelines. Considering the current low participation rates in the DMP and the question of further promotion of the program, it is of particular interest for health(More)
The call to enlarge or merge nursing homes in order to lower costs rests on the assumption that economies of scale exist within the cost structure of these homes. Economies of scale means that an increasing number of residents will reduce the costs per person needing care. However, the existence and the extent of economies of scale as such in nursing homes(More)
OBJECTIVE This publication presents a study that analyses the effectiveness of client-oriented Occupational Therapy methods in Austria concerning improvement of the occupational performance of persons with mental illness. The central research issue had been the question how far client-centred OT treatment enables improvement in the occupational performance(More)
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