Victoria Hamilton

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This study of coping with unemployment traces the distress levels of workers in 4 closing and 12 nonclosing General Motors (GM) plants. Workers were interviewed 3 months before plants closed, 1 year after, and 2 years after (final N = 1,136). Tested were (a) effects of unemployment on symptoms of depression, anxiety, and somatization; (b) linkages between(More)
Previous research has shown that people reporting contact with aliens, known as "experiencers", appear to have a different psychological profile compared to control participants. They show higher levels of dissociativity, absorption, paranormal belief and experience, and possibly fantasy proneness. They also appear to show greater susceptibility to false(More)
This study examined mechanisms of strain crossover within couples and the moderating role of gender. Data were collected at a time of military downsizing from a sample of 1,250 Russian army officers and their spouses. The authors tested a model that incorporated 3 mechanisms for the crossover of marital dissatisfaction among dual-earner couples. The model(More)
Japanese and American 5th graders (N = 593 children, 198 American and 395 Japanese) assigned credit and blame to good and bad classroom deeds and performances. Theoretically, a morality of aspiration involves assigning more credit for a good deed than blame for a corresponding bad deed; a morality of duty involves assigning more blame than credit. In both(More)
The notion that humans commonly commit a "fundamental attribution error" by overattributing causality to persons rather than situations rests on a particular model of the attribution process. That model is a scientific analysis of causality. Using insights from legal reasoning, the present article contrasts the scientific model, "intuitive psychologizing,"(More)
A three-wave panel study of auto plant closings focused on the mental health effects of unemployment on blue-collar workers. This paper explores how the impact of long-term unemployment varies across race and gender. We also examine whether other demographic factors can themselves modify the impacts of race and gender. Dependent variables include two(More)
The second face of evil is hurtful, rather than malevolent. We argue that this is likely to be the form of wrongdoing characteristic of corporate actors. This article views the corporation at 3 levels: the individual self-interested actors within it, the individual actors who respond to their hierarchical position, and the hierarchy (corporation) itself.(More)
Despite the increasing numbers of Americans who die in nursing homes (NHs) and residential care/assisted living (RC/AL) facilities, and the importance of religious and spiritual needs as one approaches death, little is known about how these needs are met for dying individuals in long-term care (LTC) institutional settings. This study compared receipt of(More)
It is estimated that 1.4 million New York City residents rely on food pantries and soup kitchens to feed themselves and their families. With a growing population of homeless individuals in urban America, emergency food programs have struggled to satisfy the needs of this food insecure population. Studies have suggested that emergency food programs often(More)
Students in COGS 101 came up with 30 research projects that could serve as Capstone Projects. If you'd like to use one of them, you'd need to get permission from the group (contact info on the slide). Assignment Based on your journal experiences (topic were sleep, procrastination, and threat), design a research study that could be carried out by an(More)