Victoria E Reichel

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The preparation of thin films of chitosan-silane hybrid materials by combining sol-gel processing and spin coating is reported. A variety of silanes can be used as starting materials for the preparation of such thin films, namely tetraethoxysilane, tri-tert-butoxysilanol, trimethylethoxysilane, p-trifluoromethyltetra-fluorophenyltriethoxysilane,(More)
Magnetite nanoparticles exhibit magnetic properties that are size and organization dependent and, for applications that rely on their magnetic state, they usually have to be monodisperse. Forming such particles, however, has remained a challenge. Here, we synthesize 40 nm particles of magnetite in the presence of polyarginine and show that they are composed(More)
It is now recognized that nucleation and growth of crystals can occur not only by the addition of solvated ions but also by accretion of nanoparticles, in a process called nonclassical crystallization. The theoretical framework of such processes has only started to be described, partly due to the lack of kinetic or thermodynamic data. Here, we study the(More)
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