Victoria Del Castillo-Ruiz

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Achondroplasia (ACh) is the most frequent bone dysplasia. The mode of inheritance is autosomal dominant. The incident of neurological complications ranges between 20% and 47%; frequently the symptoms are subtle but are due to such serious conditions as cervicomedullary compressive syndromes, syringomyelia or hydrocephalus; thus, the early identification of(More)
The 15q11q13 region is subject to imprinting and is involved in various structural rearrangements. Less than 1% of Angelman Syndrome patients are due to translocations involving 15q11q13. These translocations can arise de novo or result from the segregation of chromosomes involved in a familial balanced translocation. A 5-year-old Mexican girl presented(More)
We present the literature review of ring chromosome 7 and clinical, cytogenetic and fine molecular mapping of the first postnatal report of a male child with a non-supernumerary ring chromosome 7, r(7). The patient had dysmorphic features, developmental delay, dermatologic lesions with variable pigmentation, hypogenitalism, lumbar dextroscoliosis,(More)
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