Victoria Cunningham

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Identification of the main areas in the brain that respond specifically to the "suffering" components of pain has been achieved by using serial dynamic measurements of blood flow as an index of synaptic activity. Specific response to a repeated painful thermal stimulus as compared to a non-painful thermal stimulus in normal male volunteers identified the(More)
This study proposes a new method for the pixel-by-pixel quantification of regional CBF (rCBF) with positron emission tomography and H(15)(2)O by using a reference tissue region. No arterial blood is required. Simulation studies revealed that the calculation of rCBF was fairly stable provided that the frame time was relatively short compared with total scan(More)
BACKGROUND Researchers are finding limitations of currently available disease-focused questionnaire tools for outcome studies in complementary and alternative medicine/integrative medicine (CAM/IM). METHODS Three substudies investigated the new one-item visual analogue Arizona Integrative Outcomes Scale (AIOS), which assesses self-rated global sense of(More)
Since at the time of graduation from medical school physicians are expected to demonstrate adequate professional competence including mastery of critical appraisal skills, we conducted a preliminary, cross-sectional, web-based study to examine the extent to which fourth year medical students in the US are competent in core areas of evidence-based medicine(More)
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