Victoria Crocker

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We examined cell-surface behavior at nerve-muscle contacts during synaptogenesis in cocultures of rat ventral spinal cord (VSC) neurons and myotubes. Developing synapses in 1-d-old cocultures were identified by the presence of axon-induced acetylcholine receptor (AChR) aggregation. Identified regions were then examined by transmission and scanning electron(More)
BACKGROUND Blood components that appear hemolyzed are discarded. However, visual inspection is subjective and criteria for excessive hemolysis are poorly defined. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Packed RBCs (10 CPDA-1, 10 Adsol) were collected. Half of each unit was leukoreduced. Plasma Hb was measured and compared in segments and units by three methods: 1) a(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Platelet function abnormalities have been reported in blood donors who have not consumed aspirin. Our objective was to identify factors other than aspirin that may contribute to impaired platelet function in qualified volunteer blood donors. MATERIALS AND METHODS Blood samples were obtained from 24 donors following routine blood(More)
The present study describes a contemporary behavior-analytic model of emergent simulated slot machine gambling. Three laboratory experiments investigated the conditions under which stimuli correlated with different slot machine payout probabilities come to have new, emergent functions without those functions being trained directly. After a successful test(More)
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