Victoria Coates

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OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of more intensive medical therapy on the rate of transcranial Doppler (TCD) microemboli and cardiovascular events in patients with asymptomatic carotid stenosis (ACS). DESIGN A prospective study. SETTING A teaching hospital. PATIENTS Four hundred sixty-eight patients with ACS greater than 60% by Doppler peak velocity. (More)
A pericentric inversion of chromosome 18 is described in the mother of a patient with clinical diagnosis of 18q--syndrome. The propositus' chromosome complement includes the recombinant 18 with deficiency of the distal one-third of the long arm and duplication of the terminal segment of the short arm. The propositus' sister carrier the recombinant 18 with a(More)
A membrane fraction enriched in acetylcholine receptors was prepared from denervated cat leg muscles. 97% of the alpha-bungarotoxin-binding sites in the dispersed membranes are sensitive to nicotinic cholinergic ligands. In intact msucle, 90% are. A filtration assay of the binding to the membranes of tritiated alpha-bungarotoxin, as retarded by these(More)